10 vitamins to nourish the body eat at the right time get full efficiency

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taking individual vitamins in order to add various nutrients that the body is missing In addition to maintaining the health of the body It is also a skin and hair treatment. Therefore, in order to make taking vitamins more effective and allow the body to absorb vitamins well Therefore, it is necessary to eat for a time Let’s see if the vitamins that girls At what time should you be eating?

10 vitamins to nourish the body eat at the right time get full efficiency

1. Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a vitamin that can dissolve well in fat. The best time to eat is between meals. Or can be eaten 30 minutes after meals as well

2. Vitamin B.
Eating B vitamins so that the body can absorb well. Should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. or for those who eat on an empty stomach and cause stomach irritation Recommended to eat during breakfast or after breakfast instead.

3. Vitamin C
As for vitamin C, it should be eaten after breakfast. Because it is an acidic vitamin. May cause stomach irritation. Which taking vitamins after meals is very beneficial. Because food helps the UFABET body absorb vitamin C better.

4. Vitamin D.
The best time to take vitamin D is between meals or no more than 30 minutes after breakfast. Avoid taking vitamin D in the late afternoon. because it will affect sleep

5. Vitamin E
The body will absorb vitamin E better. If eaten with food that is a little fat. Whether it’s yogurt, almonds, avocados and various nuts.

6. Vitamin K
Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. Therefore, it is best to take this vitamin between meals or no later than 30 minutes after a meal.

7. Calcium
Calcium carbonate is calcium that requires stomach acid to help break down. Therefore, this type of calcium should be taken immediately after eating. Calcium citrate should be taken on an empty stomach. because the body will absorb better However, calcium citrate should not be taken along with large amounts of vegetables. because it will hinder the body’s absorption of calcium

8. Iron.
Iron should be taken on an empty stomach. because it is a group of water-soluble minerals If you want the body to absorb iron fully. It is recommended to eat together with foods that are high in vitamin C. It will help the body absorb iron better.

9. Fish oil
Fish oil should be taken no later than 30 minutes after eating because the body will absorb fish oil very well. For those who take aspirin should refrain from taking this vitamin. to avoid bleeding easily or bleeding that will not stop

10. Collagen Collagen
should be consumed on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water. so that the body can absorb collagen without being destroyed by stomach acid and if wanting to achieve better absorption of collagen It is recommended to take it in conjunction with vitamin C.

Eating all kinds of vitamins or supplements will have better results when women. know how to eat at the right time However, it should not be eaten in excessive amounts. Because it may cause side effects or accumulate in the body. For anyone with health problems or congenital disease Consult your doctor before taking. This is for the safety of our health, sure enough.