Arsenal star admits to taking long-range risks Because I watched the documentary “Beckham”

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• “Beckham,” a documentary about the life of the former England captain, now streaming on Netflix

• Rice scores his second Premier League goal of the season

Arsenal star admits to taking long-range risks Because I watched the documentary “Beckham”

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice has admitted his goal in the 2-2 draw with Chelsea was inspired by David Beckham’s shot from half-field, which he saw in a documentary by the former captain. British nation

Arsenal came back to cheat death after conceding two goals in the first 48 minutes of the game. Before spending the last 13 minutes coming back to get back and ending the ยูฟ่าเบท game with a 2-2 draw, they scored a goal from Robert Sanchez’s mistake, releasing the ball incorrectly to his friend before Rice will decide to shoot right back into the goal.

“Everyone is talking about the Beckham documentary. And I saw it for the first time last night. The first clip in the documentary is about his goal against Wimbledon, which was a goal from half the field. And I took my confidence from watching it. I just thought it was great to see a goal like that. And when this game had a chance, I tried it for the first time. And it turned into a door That special goal became the beginning of our return to the game.”

“In the players’ minds there are always two clear divisions. It is a fleeting thought about what we decide to do. When I get the ball I will pass the ball or shoot a goal. In front of me there is Trotsar waiting. I will pass the ball to him. Or I’ll score a goal. And I chose to score a goal. I just went back and looked at what was going on. It was a really great goal. I am very happy with it.”

“After the game we felt disappointed in feelings. Because we both know that if what we do in the second half We did it in the first half. We have a chance to win this game. The first half was something we didn’t play like we wanted to. But in the second half we showed the same team character as we did against Manchester City and in the end we took the points home. It is a very important result.”