Reveals Ratcliffe has new Manchester United manager options if Tenhag is fired

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Manchester United’s potential new investor, has a new manager in mind. If the day comes that Eric ten Hag must be fired.

Reveals Ratcliffe has new Manchester United manager options if Tenhag is fired

British media reveals that Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The owner of a leading energy company, Enios, the potential new investor of Manchester United has a new manager in mind. Leave your position

In the middle of last month. In addition to confirming that Sheikh Yassim Hamad Al-Thani of the Qatari Royal Family Abandoned the plan to take over the Red Devils. From the Glazer family, it is clear that Sir. Jim Ratcliffe has decided to delay his plans to take over Manchester United as well. By changing to a plan to submit to purchase just 25% of the minority shares. As the first step towards gaining a majority in the future.

Even though Ratcliffe plans to come to Old Trafford as a small partner But they expected that Will open negotiations with the Glazer family. To request authority for football administration to take care of himself

Recently, The Sun stated that one of Ratcliffe’s plans for football management at Old Trafford is to change the manager after Ten Hag made the second year of the team not look as developed. That should Even though this matter is not an urgent agenda.

The report reveals that Ratcliffe has a new manager in mind. Namely former Brighton and Chelsea boss Graham Potter is currently unemployed. 

Ratcliffe wants Potter to take over as manager at Old Trafford, along with Sir Dave Brailsford, Nice’s closest director. Accepting a big โปรโมชั่น ufabet job in the Manchester United team as well.

The agreement to purchase 25 percent of the said shares Only the official announcement remains. And it is expected. Ratcliffe’s team will come to work with Manchester United at the end of this year. Before opening the winter market in January of next year