Benefits to know from 5 popular weight loss diet trends

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For girls who are interested in losing weight , today we would like to share the advantages that will be gained from the popular weight loss food trend. Each trend has different recipes. And have different weight loss goals. Let’s see what the 5 popular weight loss food trends are.

Benefits to know from 5 popular weight loss diet trends

1.Vegetarian Diet
For weight loss diet trends, Vegetarian Diet, also known as vegetarians. It is mainly focused on vegetables and fruits. And will avoid food that contains ingredients or raw materials from meat. There will be some groups that can eat eggs, milk and seafood, while others will not choose to eat meat or other products. made from animals As for the advantages of eating Vegetarian Diet foods, it allows the body to get more nutrients from fruits and vegetables. It also helps reduce saturated fat that comes from eating UFABET meat as well.

2.Ketogenic Diet,
the Ketogenic Diet food trend will mainly focus on eating fat. And eat no more than 20-50 grams of carbohydrate foods per day to cause the body to go into ketosis and burn more fat. As for the advantages of eating a Ketogenic Diet diet, it helps reduce seizures in a group of patients who cannot control their seizures with medication. However, daily food portion calculations by a medical professional or dietitian are also required.

3.Blood Type Diet
In part of the diet trend, the Blood Type Diet is eating food according to the blood type. which is believed that people with different blood types Inevitably have the ability to digest and absorb different foods as well, for example, Group A focuses on eating food from fruits and vegetables. But avoid foods that are cow’s milk and corn. Group B focuses on eating meat, vegetables and milk, but avoids corn, wheat flour and chicken. Group O focuses on eating high protein foods. But avoid foods made from milk and AB groups focus on eating lamb, fish, milk and tofu, but avoid eating wheat flour, chicken and red beans. instead of eating processed foods in any form.

4.Mediterranean Diet,
food trends for weight loss. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on whole grain rice or flour, vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, and nuts, with an emphasis on cooking with olive oil. And use spices instead of salt to enhance the flavor of food. For the advantages of eating food to lose weight. The Mediterranean Diet is to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, vascular disease, stroke. and colorectal cancer

5.Intermittent Fasting
Comes to the weight loss diet trend, Intermittent Fasting, or what we have heard in the name of IF, a time-limited diet, such as IF 16/8. Which means fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. The IF weight loss diet is to make the body receive less total calories per day. It also affects the weight of the body as well.

It can be seen that there are many diet trends for us to choose from. However, it should be used to suit our physical condition as well. So that the body receives complete nutrition No risk of malnutrition. This may result in causing negative effects on physical health in the long term.