8 warning signs that you are “Drink too little water.”

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our chaotic life It may cause you to forget to drink only the water your body needs. But drinking too little water has many disadvantages. Including terrible diseases like cystitis. or glomerulonephritis as well

But the problem is that we may not realize we are drinking too little water. So let’s take a look at our bodies. Is it time that we should add more water to our body?

8 warning signs that you are “Drink too little water.”
  1. Thirsty

Sometimes we may be thirsty without even realizing it. But if we have already drunk the water It’s almost impossible to stop. Raise your glass and drink it all in one go. Plus, you may even feel like it’s not enough.

  1. Regular dark yellow- orange urine

The normal color of urine should be a very pale yellow. It’s like chrysanthemum water that was once filled with ice and then the ice completely melted. And the smell shouldn’t be so pungent that it clearly hits your nose. Dark urine indicates that you are drinking too little water.

  1. Urinating less than 4 times per day

Normal people have to get up and go into the water to urinate more than 4 times a day. But if you know that some days you are sitting and working I hardly went to the bathroom at all. You should know by now whether you’ve drank any water today or not.

  1. dry mouth

In addition to being allergic to lipstick If you frequently have dry mouth It can also come from your body being dehydrated.

  1. dry eyes

Especially those who sit and work in front of the computer. or wearing contact lenses Will often suffer from dry eyes. Especially if you’re not drinking enough water. Your eyes will become drier. Dry to the point of having difficulty wearing contact lenses. Or even when removing it is even more difficult. Because contact lenses will get stuck in your eyes. Scary, right?

  1. constipation

Of course, when the body doesn’t get enough water, Dietary fiber that has been digested Filtering it out also lacks moisture. Therefore, the stool will be hard and difficult to pass. If you are often constipated, You may also be at risk of having hemorrhoids.

  1. Dry skin, premature wrinkles

Even if you have oily skin But you will have oily skin that is dehydrated. Your skin will be even more oily. Because when your skin is too dry The sebaceous glands under the skin will produce more oil to coat the skin and prevent it from drying out. But if you have dry skin It will be even more dry. And finally, wrinkles will come before the time is due. Notice whether wrinkles around the cheeks, corners of the eyes, and forehead have come to you yet. If you are young and wrinkles appear, Shows that your skin lacks moisture. And you might not be drinking enough water.

  1. Digestive system problems

People who don’t drink enough water are more likely than normal to have gastritis or acid reflux because when the stomach doesn’t have enough water to help with digestion. The amount of acid will be more concentrated. Stomach strength to digest food Including less mucus that helps in digesting food in the stomach. May cause indigestion Bloating or bloating for a long time may lead to acid reflux.

A simple way to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated. You should keep a glass of water near you, keep sipping it throughout the โปรโมชั่น ufabet day, and drink it every day. Don’t get so busy working that you forget to drink water often. Now your body will receive enough water.