How to take care of your little one Keep away from the flu

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Because the weather changes frequently Even adults are at risk of getting sick. Therefore, little ones must be especially careful. No matter what kind of weather it is, if we change back and forth It’s easy to get sick as well. The most common one is the flu. So let’s learn how to take care of our little ones to avoid the flu. For your beloved child to be healthy and not sick.

How to take care of your little one Keep away from the flu

1. Always maintain good health.

Parents should always maintain the health of their children. By giving your child adequate rest. Don’t let your child sleep too late. And you should also allow your child to exercise regularly. They may go together to exercise as a family. Because it will make your child feel fun about exercising. Rather than having him do it alone.

2. Give your child nutritious food.

Food is an important thing that mothers should not overlook. You should allow your child to eat enough nutritious food and eat all 5 food groups, including training your child to eat vegetables and fruits regularly. In addition, giving your child the right amount of water per day. and avoid snacks or food that is not useful It will make your child healthy. Far from the flu

3. Keep your child’s body warm

In the cold night air Or during the rainy season, you should always keep your child’s body warm. By wearing thick clothes and cover with a blanket when sleeping This will help prevent your child from catching colds. Including preventing pneumonia.

4. Always train your child to wash his or her hands.

Mothers should always teach their children to wash their hands before eating. And take care of the cleanliness of containers, tables, and chairs to prevent foreign objects from entering the ufabet body. The issue of cleanliness is very important.

5. Take your child to get vaccinated against influenza.

When the rainy season begins or when there is an epidemic of influenza. Free flu vaccinations are often available. For young children and those most at risk Therefore, you should take your children to get vaccinated against influenza as well. This will reduce the risk of getting influenza quite well.

6. Avoid taking your child to crowded places.

If it’s not necessary, you shouldn’t take your child to crowded places. Because we cannot know who is sick. which may easily cause infection to the baby

Influenza is a disease that children often get sick easily. Therefore, you should take care of your baby to avoid influenza by following the 6 methods we have recommended. And most importantly, if someone is sick with this disease Children should not be allowed near it at all. Because this disease can be transmitted very easily. Therefore it is better to prevent it first.