Save The Pangolins Infographic

Infographic about the Philippine Pangolins. (click the image then expand to see actual size)

Ghost Rider: Colored

This is the colored version of the Ghost Rider I have inked. I used CorelPhotoPaint to digitally color and add some textures on it.
Click the link to see the Speed coloring process on Youtube.

Ghost Rider: Ink illustration

This is my inked rendition of Ghost Rider from Marvel. Personal work.

Puerto Nirvana – Shirt Design

Shirt Design for Puerto Nirvana.

High Voltage – Shirt Design

Personal Shirt Design

Skin a scion entry 02

another entry for the 2007 skin a scion contest

Skin a scion entry 01

an entry for the 2007 skin a scion contest

CowGirlShoes header design

Approved header design for

KungFooKicks Logo Design

Logo/Character Design for